Debt Validation Problem

by Marshall

Hi i recently disputed items on my credit report. Some came back verified and received letters from the CA asking me for Info on the debt and to send it to them.

I sent Debt Validation letters and they have not responded. Do they have to respond?

The debts are 2yrs old and 3yrs old. Should I send a follow up letter stating Violation of the FDCPA and subject to a fine of $1000? Or send a letter to the Credit Bureau that the CA have not responded to my DV and to ask for Delete?

Just to let you know i sent my dispute verification letters certified mail.

Reply from

Sorry Marshall but we are a little confused by your email. Can you clarify what exactly happened and what you are trying to accomplish? (Do you believe that the information on your credit reports is wrong, or are you just hoping they won't be verified so they will be dropped?)

Sorry but it's confusing to us - you stated that some responded and asked for more information but then you state that they didn't respond. We're not sure what transpired here. Please use the comments link to respond. Thanks!

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