Debt to an attorney

by Phiona Edun

I owe a balance to my attorney that settled my case in traffic court. Can he come to my house to collect his balance?

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Nov 28, 2011
Debt to an attorney

While there is no law prohibiting the attorney from coming to your home to collect the money you owe, it's unlikely. What is much more likely is that the attorney will either turn your debt over to a collection agency and/or sue you for the money. And, if the attorney wins the lawsuit, he/she will ask the court for permission to try to collect on the judgment against you by garnishing your wages, seizing money in your bank account, putting a lien on an asset you own, and so on. Also, the attorney may report your debt to the credit bureaus and the fact that there is a judgment against you will be part of the public records. That information will also be a part of your credit history. Such negative credit record information will probably make it very difficult for you to get new credit with affordable terms and could also affect your ability to get a job, a promotion, the insurance you need, and to rent a place to live.

Given all of the negative potential consequences of not paying your debt, a far better option would be to contact the attorney's office to see if you can work out a plan to pay the money you owe over time. If you and the office are able to reach an agreement, get the terms of the agreement in writing before you begin making your payments.

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