Debt Repossession Car 2006

by Dolly
(Marion iowa)

I was told I had a car loan as payment. Dec 2006 and that nationwide legal llc was during for triad loans yet triad doesn't exist anymore they won't say what the vehicle is that they are gonna garnish my wages 25% for the car bought in 2002 I am on light duty I receive general assistance cause I don't make enough cam they do that without giving me all the original information and loan documents? I never received anything on sell of car or anything once we had them come get it 9 years ago?

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In most states, this debt would be outside the statute of limitations -- unless there is a judgment against you. Have you checked your credit reports to see if there is a judgment? We'd recommend you do so right away.

If there is no judgment than be very careful. It's possible this company is trying to scare you into paying a debt you don't legally owe. Please read our ebook which you can
download for free here.

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