Debt Paid in Full but Credit Report is Not Updated

by jess

What do I do when a collections agency will not send confirmation that a debt has been paid in full (actually more then owed,) and has not reported to the credit agencies that it was paid? Account is still showing delinquent on credit report.

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Jun 03, 2010
collections on credit reports
by: Gerri


Make sure you have saved copies of whatever proof you have that you paid the collection account, and that you keep that information somewhere where you can access it fairly easily. We've heard from consumers who have paid off collection accounts, only to find another collection agency tries to collect the "balance" years later!

As for your credit reports, you should follow the usual procedures for disputing wrong information on your credit reports. You'll see our instructions on how to dispute credit report errors here.

Unfortunately, though, paying the collection account won't remove it from your credit file or improve your credit scores. Nevertheless, you should make sure your credit files are accurate.

Let us know how this goes. If you continue to have problems, you can follow up using the comments link below.

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