debt of my mother

by Diane Wallis

I have power of attorney for my mom and pay her bills. the credit card co. are now saying if my mom has no money to pay the bill can be held responsible for the debt can they do this?

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Dec 29, 2011
debt of my mother

The debts of your mother's are her's and her's alone, unless you co-signed for them. The fact that you have power of attorney for your mother does not change that fact. In other words, you are not legally obligated to pay your mother's debts.

Jan 02, 2012
TV Show will help Mothers get out of Debt
by: Anonymous

Good Evening,

ABC The Revolution is looking for women, preferably with families, who have debt and want help. The women must live near the NYC area.

Do you have credit card debt that is keeping you awake at night? A new daytime show is looking for women in the NY, NJ, and CT area with different amounts of credit card debt to take part in a fun segment with our nationally recognized financial expert. We want to help give you the tools needed to beat the debt back for a fresh start in 2012.

Only those who are willing to share their story and transformation on national television should respond.

Please email: and write "Debt Free 2012" in the subject line. Include a brief description of your problem and a photo!

Jan 03, 2012
wrong info
by: Anonymous

I was sued for my mothers debt. This was not a credit card . This was for care she received after a stroke. I could not make my mother sign papers needed to cover this expense.She had no extra money and needed care so she should have filed for welfare/health care. I was sued for 15K in Pennsylvania. Very rare but the collection agency took this to court. I am a worker-bee.No real assets. I never transferred assets from my mother to my name to " hide" her worth. It is called Final Responsibility. It is law in 6 states. Be careful. My brother andn I fought this judgement. It cost him 6k in lawyers fee's. be warned,

Jan 05, 2012
by: Credit Lady

Anyone can sue does not mean they have a lawful means to do so. Stats have shown 80% of lawsuits are won because no one shows up
to court. A new common 'collection' tactic is to sue consumers. The average 20% that does show, does not know their rights, nor how to properly
exercise them. So..for a creditor to take someone to court over an 'alleged' debt is better odds that throwing the dice in Las Vegas. Advice,
educate yourself on your rights. For starters study the Fair Credit Billing Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Mine the nuggets of gold in those laws to set yourself free of unlawful vultures/creditors.

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