Debt of an Elderly Parent

by GA Senior

My mom has no assets and is 70 years old and in good health. She receives only SS and a small pensions and has a basic checking account with no savings. She lives independently in a home which is owned by me. As her only daughter, am I responsible for any debt that she may take on whether it is credit card or hospital bills? Can anyone put a lein on my property or assets? We both live in Georgia.

GA Senior

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Aug 21, 2012
Debt of an Elderly Parent

You are not responsible for any of your mother's debt unless some of that debt is joint debt, i.e. debt the two of you incurred together, or if you co-signed for any of the debt -- signed paperwork agreeing to pay the debt if your mother does not or cannot. That your mother lives with you does not change the fact that she is legally responsible for her own debt, not you.

Jan 11, 2014
Deceased's debt
by: Anonymous

My mom past away this past Oct; she lived on social security only and was on Medicaid; she has about $20k in credit card debt; they keep sending the bills to my house in her name; should I let them know she is deceased with a copy of the death certificate; will they come after me. I was not on the credit card.

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Yes you can send them a copy of the death certificated and let them know that she has passed away. You are not responsible if you were not on the account. However, if there was an estate of any kind they are entitled to try to collect from the estate.

Sep 07, 2014
daughter take over
by: Anonymous

My daughter wants to handle a debt I owe.If I let her, would she be liable? Could she take over my bank account to pay the debt? Does she she have lawful rights over me? I am 90 years old and still have all my faculties.

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We aren't sure what you mean by will she be liable? If you add her to your bank account she will be able to access all the fund in the account and do whatever she wants with those funds. Is that what you want? Do you trust her implicitly? Is there another option? For example, your bank may set up automatic debit so payments go to her automatically each month. Talk with your banker about what options might work better and be safer if you are concerned about adding her to the account.

Jan 28, 2015
your mother may be judgement proof
by: Anonymous

If your mother has no assets, if her name is not on your house title,and if she owes no income tax, she and you do not have to worry about civil debt. Even if a credit card company obtained a judgement, they are not allowed to take any of her social security or small pension, talk to your bank about that. This is called " judgement proof", meaning no one can get blood from a turnip, as the saying goes, it's true.

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