debt included in bankruptcy

by Joe
(Sparta, Kentucky)

i had a debt student loan included and was discharged in a bankrupcty. The debt was listed in the list for creditor.

I received a wage garnishment and they are going to take money from my job. I called the creditor and they said they can not stop the garnishment. What options do I have and can I sue these people for not follow the bankruptcy courts?

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Jan 30, 2016
collection on bankruptcy debts

Joe -

The first thing we'd suggest is that you reach out to the attorney who helped you file for bankruptcy. That attorney should be able to help you fight back.

If you filed without the help of an attorney, or if your attorney is no longer practicing, try another bankruptcy or consumer protection attorney. You may have a case under a couple of different federal laws, you may be entitled to damages, and the collector may be required to pay your attorney's fees. Read: How to get debt collection legal help for FREE or at little cost.

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