Debt Help Articles

Here is this week's collection of debt help articles featuring advice on a variety of personal finance strategies from other websites.

Steve Rhode offers no-hold-barred advice for those struggling with debt. Here he suggests you celebrate: Hooray, You Are in Collections! The Debt Collector is Calling. The Debt Collector is Calling. | Get Out of Debt Guy posted at How to Get Out of Debt. Love his quote: "Fear is not reality."

Jay Fleischman presents 14 Steps For Saving Money When Negotiating With A Debt Collector posted at Money Health Central. Great advice from an attorney who knows his stuff.

Emily offers advice about How to Bounce Back From Huge Medical Bills posted at Solid tips.

Paula @ offers and alternative to focusing on your debt. Instead she recommends you Forget Your Debt. Just Forget About It. Really. posted at Afford Anything .org. Provocative.

Damon Day, expert on debt settlement issues, Legal Helpers Debt Resolution posted at Debt Resolution: Honest Advice about Credit Card Debt Settlement, Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy. You've been warned!

Kyle Taylor explains How to Sell Your Music Online posted at The Penny Hoarder. Lots of fun ways to make extra cash at this blog.

Jeff @ Stay Thrifty shares How I Beat $20,000 In Credit Card Debt posted at Stay Thrifty. Good story, great advice.

Charles Chua C K presents 10 Effective Ways to Establish Your Credit Worthiness posted at All About Living with Life. Always good to get reminders about the basics.

Steve presents Maintaining An Extraordinary Credit Score posted at Debt Consolidation 2U. More tips on a popular topic.

Marvin Grossman gives us a glimpse Inside the Life of Centurion Cardholder posted at Card Ratings Blog. Wow - she charges $250,000 a month on her card!

John Harrison presents Working Tax Credit and Claiming the Costs of Childcare posted at Tax Credit Calculator. Parents - read up!

Juliet Jones presents 10 High-Paying Jobs That Aren't Worth It posted at Business Insurance. Guess it's a matter of perspective!

Thanks to Steve Rhode at How to Get Out of Debt for inviting us to host this blog carnival! You'll find lots of great debt help articles on his website.

Listen to Steve discuss credit scams in this podcast for Talk Credit Radio.

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