Debt goes to my mom in another state


can a company send my debt thats not over 3 months to my mom in another state with my name and her address and I HAD SPOKE TO THEM TELLING THEM i was laid off and looking for another job and i was at same address as debt was in . cable bill

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Jun 12, 2011
Debt goes to my mom in another state

Based on the information you shared in your question, it sounds to me like your Mom cosigned for your cable service. In other words, she and you are on the account. Otherwise, why would the cable company know what her address is?

If I am correct, then each of you is legally obligated to pay the outstanding balance on your cable bill and so the cable company will look to her as well as to you for it's money. It does not care which of you pays as long it gets paid. And, as long as the bill goes unpaid, you both risk having the past due account show up on your credit reports and you both risk being contacted by debt collectors about your debt and maybe even being sued for the money eventually.

If I am correct and your Mom co-signed for your cable account, is she in a position to pay the debt in full or to pay it over time assuming the cable company is open to a payment plan? If I am not correct and your Mom is not on the account with you, feel free to write back and share additional information about your situation including how the cable company would have your Mother's address, especially given that she lives in another state.

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