debt from 2004

by casey
(bellingham, wa usa)

I have a medical debt from 2001 and it was sent to collections for non payment. The last attempt by the collection agency was in 2004. I am wondering if that debt is now forgiven...? I was under the impression that after 7 years debts can/will be erased off of your credit history. I live in Washington state.

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Nov 19, 2011
debt from 2004

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act says that most debts can only be reported for 7 years, so if you incurred the medical debt in 2001 then you are right, it should no longer show up on your credit history. However, if you have not paid the debt, then you still owe it and even though it's been quite a few years since you were contacted about it, it's possible, but unlikely, that you will hear from a debt collector again. If you do for some reason, you should know that the statute of limitations on the debt has expired. In WA state, the statute of limitations on a debt related to a written contract, which applies to most medical debt, is 6 years. This means that after 6 years you cannot be sued for the money you owe. However -- and this is what is important -- if you admit to whomever may contact you about the debt that you owe the money, you will start the statute of limitations running all over again, which means you'll be risk of a lawsuit again.

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