Debt for returned equipment

by daniel
(new jersey)

I live in New Jersey; in 2009 I canceled my Verizon home services (Internet, Cable TV, & Phone). They sent me two final bills a few months later; one was for Services rendered in the amount of $452.00, and the second bill was for Equipment if not returned in the amount of 402.00. I returned the Equipment to a local Store on 10-20-10 and was given a receipt. I put off paying the bill for services rendered until just this past week 10-14-12; I called the Collection Company MCM inc. and made a payment in the amount of 452.00 closing my account. After they accepted my payment they asked me if I wanted to make a payment on my second account… Apparently I had two outstanding accounts open from Verizon; the Account that was still open was for my equipment that I had previously returned I know this because of the amount they stated was owed ($402.00). MCM told me that I needed proof of the account being closed from Verizon. I explained to them I had my receipt that showed I had returned my equipment on 10-20-10, I forwarded all of this to them. They replied to me that this was not sufficient information to close the account. They stated they only have an account number and a dollar amount associated with me and that it didn’t show what the account owed was for. So I called Verizon to get the information that seemed like it would be easy enough. Unfortunately this was not the case, I explained the problem to Verizon but they told me that the account was sold to MCM and they no longer had access to.

Apparently once an account is sold from Verizon they no longer have anything to do with the account and have no information on them…. So now I’m in a bit of a conundrum MCM stated that they can’t remove the debt owed without a written letter from Verizon showing that the account was satisfied and closed. But Verizon is saying they don’t have any of the information because they sold the account. Verizon told me I have to work it out with MCM, But I feel like this is their mistake not mine I returned the equipment but they failed to remove the debt.

I don’t know what to do… I don’t have the final bills showing what each amount was I only had it written down, and Verizon said they can’t even send me a bill of what I owe. What should I do I'm at a loss for ideas.

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You've provided the collection agency with documentation that you don't owe the debt and they refuse to believe you right? That's their problem not yours. If they were to sue you for this debt and you challenged in court, they would have to prove that you owe the debt not vice versa.

We suggest you get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney
right away. If the collection agency is breaking the law, then they will owe you money in damages.

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