Debt Collectors Threatening to Garnish Wages

by Serina
(Longview, Washington)

I keep getting phone calls from debt collectors saying they are going to garnish my wages if i do not pay or go on a payment plan. I live in Washington State now but when i opened the credit card i lived in Kansas and I looked at the Satute of Limitations and going by both states the state of limitations are up so can they really garnish my wages?

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Sep 02, 2011
Debt Collectors Threatening to Garnish Wages

It is unlikely that the debt collectors can garnish your wages because to do that they would have to sue you first and win the lawsuit, and they cannot sue you once the statute of limitations on your debt has expired. They may be threatening you with a lawsuit hoping that you will get scared and agree to pay something on the debt because if you did that the statute of limitations would start running again.

The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act gives you the right to tell the collectors not to contact you about the debt again; if they do, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. You can tell the collectors next time they call that you do not want to be contacted again, but it's a good idea to follow up your verbal request with a letter so you have a permanent record of your instructions. Make a copy of the letter for your files and send the original certified mail return receipt requested. Read our advice on using a cease and desist letter to stop a debt collector.

It really sounds like you should also talk with an attorney. If the debt collector is breaking the laws with these threats, you may be able to get free legal help because the collection agency would have to pay the attorney's fees if it is in the wrong. There's really no reason not to at least find out if that's the case.

Oct 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

dishonest people using the money to not pay after!

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