Debt collectors not sending starement

by Tara
(Cynthiana ky )

I have debt that has went to collection. We have not gotten a statement saying how much we owe or who we need to pay. They are calling myself and my husband. My husband informed them to send us a statement and we would pay them in full.

They didn't like that they are saying that this has to be resolved by the end of the month or it goes to a lawyer. She also informed my husband she didn't have my number but yet she called my phone 5 mins before she called him. (I was at work so I couldn't answer) Things that she was saying was very fishy almost sounding like a scam. That is why we want a statement so we know it's all correct. How do I get them to send me a statement so I can pay them in full and take care of my debt?

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Jan 10, 2016
Be careful!

Please do not pay them without verifying the debt. If you read our ebook you can download for free here you will learn that debt collectors who initially contact you by phone MUST by law follow up with written verification of the debt. The fact that they are refusing and threatening to take you to court is very suspicious. We go into more detail in our book. You may well be dealing with a scammer - beware!

Jan 13, 2016
Same thing is happening to me
by: Erica O

The same thing is happening to me. The lawfirm took my license three years ago. I agreed to pay a certain amount each month but did not sign anything till I received dollar amount. When I started paying they still not have not sent me a balance of what I owe and still have not got my license back!!

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