Debt collectors having the wrong address and phone number

by Michele

I have been receiving phone calls daily from a bill collector for someone I don't even know. I even received a bill in the mail for that person. I am the original homeowner and have had the same phone number for over 40 years, so its not like my phone number could have been assigned to someone else. How did this bill collection agency get my phone number and address?

I put the bill that was sent to my home back in the mail with big bold letters saying" NOT AT THIS ADDRESS. Is there anything I can do to get these people to stop?

Thanking you in advance for your help.

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Mar 23, 2011
I don't think it's that simple...
by: Anonymous

These debt collectors don't bother to verify phone numbers through reverse look-up. The other problem that I see, from the annoying calls that I receive when they are looking for someone I don't even know, is that several companies are involved. I assume that each has an account with a different client they are collecting for. The problem only grows bigger without any way to stop it. The calls to my home continue even after I get promises that my number is being taken off their calling list....but to no avail. This has been going on for over a year.

I only have two options:

Change or disconnect my current phone service OR seek statutory change that regulates these collectors and mandate that they stop the practice of contacting debtors by phone.

Afterall, if I were truly on their list, do you think that I would admit to being the person they are looking for?? I can't believe that any of these people (collectors or debtors) can be so stupid.

Mar 21, 2010
Thank you
by: Michele

Thank you so much for your quick response. I am hoping that the collection agency just had a wrong phone number and maybe they did a reverse cell phone check and got my home address. I check my credit report about two weeks ago from all 3 bureaus and everything was ok. Hopefully the calls will stop. Good luck on finding out who is calling your daughters cell phone.



Mar 21, 2010
collection calls for the wrong person
by: Gerri


Thanks for submitting your debt collection question on our Q&A page.

Your question is a great one. I am currently investigating robo collection calls that my 11-year-old daughter is receiving on her cell phone for someone else!

I have no idea why the collection agency mixed you up with this person. However, I would suggest you check your credit reports at just to make sure the credit agencies don't also have you mixed up with someone else.

As far as this collection agency goes, I would suggest you send them a certified letter explaining that the person they are trying to collect from does not live at your address. Also point out that they have the wrong phone number. Tell them to stop calling your phone number and sending mail to your address.

If the collection calls and letters continue after the collection agency receives your letter, you can do one of two things. You can complain to your state attorney general and to the Federal Trade Commission, or you can contact a consumer law attorney.

Please keep me posted on this. I'd like to hear how this turns out. You may also want to sign up for our free e-zine, as I'll be talking about this topic soon after I investigate the calls to my daughter's cell phone.

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