Debt Collectors and Liens

by Debbie
(anaheim calif)

Hi my question is after a lien has been put on your house or property can the debt collectors start trying to collect said money again over a year later?

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Jun 13, 2010
creditor lien
by: Gerri & Mary


If we understand your situation correctly, a debt collector or creditor has obtained a court judgment against you and placed a lien on your home.

A lien is typically filed to protect the creditor's interest in your property. But that generally doesn't mean that the creditor can't still try to collect. If you paid this debt (even if you settled it) then the judgment creditor would be required to release the lien.

We would encourage you, if possible, to find a way to put this matter behind you either by settling the debt or even, if necessary, talking with bankruptcy attorney to find out whether you need to consider going that route. Until you do, you should be aware of the various steps collectors can take in your state to try to collect on a judgment. The bankruptcy attorney can help you understand that.

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