Debt collector won't work with me

I've been out of work for 4 years now due to me being disabled. My only source of income is SSI & Social Security Disability. And from what I understand, SSI and Social Security Disability are exempt from creditors, debt collectors, garnishment, levy, attachment, etc.

So then, I explained my situation to the debt collecting rep that I'm currently drawing disability, and that I've been out of work for four years as a result of me being disabled. But this particular collection agency still insists I work out a payment plan. A payment plan I simply cannot afford right now due to me being disabled. If all possible, any advice on my matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Aug 04, 2009
debt collector won't leave you alone
by: Gerri

A debt collector's job is to collect money. As long as they do not say or do anything illegal when trying to collect from you, they can continue to insist that you work out a payment arrangement.

It would be a good idea for you to double check to make sure you are indeed "judgment proof" and that the collector cannot go after the disability and SSI income you are receiving (or any other property or assets you own). It probably is protected, but it never hurts to check as there are exceptions. We would recommend you talk with a bankruptcy attorney to confirm that.

If it is true, you can write to the debt collector, explain your situation and ask them not to contact you again. They would then have to leave you alone, except to tell you of any legal action they plan to take against you. (And if you are indeed judgment proof, then there is not likely too much to worry about. Again, the attorney can confirm this for you.)

We don't recommend sending "cease contact" letters just because you don't want to deal with a collector, but in cases where you know you are judgment proof, or you know you don't owe the debt, they can be very helpful.

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