Debt Collector Wants Full Payment After Setting Up Payment Plan

by David
(St. Louis, MO)

I have a lot of credit card debt. I originally had a credit card through U.S. Bank but I was having trouble keeping up with the payments. Last year U.S. Bank sold my debt to Ozark Financial Group. I had gotten a letter from their lawyers at Miller and Steeno. I contacted them and was able to get a payment plan set up. I've been making payments twice a month for a little over a year.

Today I got a letter from Miller and Steeno stating that the balance of the debt and asking me to pay it in full immediately, and if I can't pay it all they want me to call them to set up a payment plan.

I don't know what to do I've been making payments twice a month for over a year, I can't afford higher payments. I already made payment arrangements with them so I don't understand why they sent me this letter.

I don't know if I can ignore the letter and continue making payments per the original agreement or if I need to make new arrangements with them.

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Your story is a good example of why we encourage debtors to get their payment arrangement in writing. You can go ahead and call them to discuss the letter - it may just an automatically generated so you don't have to panic yet. Stick to what you can afford and remind them that you have been faithful with your payments.

If they agree to continue at your same payment arrangement send them a certified letter stating whom you talked with when, and confirming your agreement. If they insist on you upping your payments, come back here and tell us in the comments section.

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