Debt collector suing my father who is not on debt

by Jerry

I'm in the process of being sued for an unpaid bill with a lumber company. They sent a bill and it just said miscellaneous and was for $5000. They wouldn't explain the charge and the ticket was not signed by anyone just a copy of one. Now they are trying to sue me and my ex wife and my father. My father has nothing to do with it nor has his name on anything. Is this legal? I'm from southeast missouri

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We see no reason why they should be suing your father unless the lumber was used on his house, in which case they might try to get a mechanic's lien...? All around it sounds fishy but you're going to need to talk with a consumer law attorney to find out how to defend this lawsuit. Please do that. If you let them go to court and get a judgment it will be much harder to undo.

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