Debt Collector sent notice of equipment I already gave back

by Mindy
(Orlando, Florida)

I recently got a debt collection letter from a third party of a FL cable company stating that I owe $475.00 for three pieces of equipment that I already turned in (I have the work order and the piece of paper that states it was picked up by a person from that company.) Does that collections statement stay on my credit even though it was the company's error?

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This should not hurt your credit, but until it is removed from your credit reports it will.

You have the right to dispute the collection account. We recommend you do so in writing, and that you send your dispute by certified mail. Explain to the collection agency that you returned the equipment and that the collection account is incorrect. Offer to supply proof that you returned it. Send a copy to the original company and let them both know that if this damages your credit reports, you will contact a consumer law attorney.

We would recommend you at least check your credit reports at to see if this is on there. You may want to monitor your credit reports as well to see if it shows up.

You may also want to read our page about how to dispute credit report errors.

Stay on top of this. Your credit should not be ruined over this, but it may happen and you need to be as proactive as possible.

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