Debt Collector Says I Owe Them Money.

by Jeff
(Lakewood, NJ USA)

I work for a company. I was cold called by a collection company (Benjamin and Williams) about any overdue accounts. I had one that hadn't been paid in nearly a year. I signed a short contract and every once in a while a girl would call to say they hadn't gotten anywhere. After a month or so she called and I said they might as well forget it it. I heard nothing from them or signed nothing after that. A few weeks after this I, personally, was able to get the debtor on the phone and negotiate a full payment. The debtor said nothing about this collection agency and was sorry for making me wait so long. So I suddenly got a bill from them a few days ago. I questioned the validity and said I would be asking my attorney if it was valid as I had been the one to get the payment. So now the collection agency is calling me names ("a piece of s--t") and threatening bodily harm. I've gotten numerous faxes and emails threatening to sue next week and just now they called to say I had been sued. They are trying to sue me PERSONALLY and the company I work for. What rights under the FDCPA do I have? They haven't sent me a letter or even read the "mini miranda" in any phone communication. What should i do? (should i send a letter asking them to verify and to stop communication?)I have yet to see any court papers.

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Jul 07, 2011
Debt Collector Says I Owe Them Money

Jeff, I am not 100% clear from your question about exactly what your issue is and I cannot tell whether you are writing about a personal or a business debt. However, you mention that you have an attorney, so I recommend that you talk with him or her about your situation. If you are being contacted about a debt that you personally owe, I recommend that you read the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers online for free. It highlights your legal rights under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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