Debt collector hasn't paid the Anesthesist

by Ronald

Paid debt collector 1,680.00 after rude call and after 3 weeks the Anesthesist office still says the bill hasn't been paid. Are there any laws broken? My ins company is paying in full and bill is in processing but still their debt collector wanted payment because of 45 days since last ins payment. I paid in full but still Anesthesist says money due. What is problem? Is this normal? I paid whole balance and still Anesthesist has no record of payment to the collect. Thank you for guidance.

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Mar 26, 2016
stuck between debt collector and creditor

It is possible the debt collector pays creditors it collects for on a monthly basis, but it sounds like the medical provider (who hired the collector) needs to talk to the debt collector to find out what's going on. You shouldn't be stuck in the middle. (No, the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act doesn't specify how quickly the collector must pay the provider; it's a contractual matter.)

If this still hasn't been resolved you may want to send both of them --collector and provider -- a certified letter explaining what happened and asking them to resolve it before you complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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