Debt collection, unable to pay

by Ellizabeth

i am 74 yrs old and have only Social Security as income, i live with my daughter, and have no property. i send them what i can and they are going to send me to a collection agency, is there anything they can do to me?

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Nov 02, 2009
Debt collection unable to pay
by: Gerri


I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you are having paying your debts. It must be terribly stressful.

I don't know how much you owe, or what your financial situation is, but typically Social Security income is protected by creditors. However, it is really important that you get legal advice. I would suggest you follow this link to set up a free consulation with a bankruptcy attorney to confirm what will happen if you cannot pay these bills. Every state has different laws regarding what property is safe from creditors, and I want to make sure you get good advice.

Even if you don't want to file bankruptcy (and you may not need to), the attorney can help you understand what your options are. Please do get some legal advice. The consultation is free.

If the bill does go to collections, and you aren't sure how to deal with it, you can talk with a consumer law attorney with experience in debt collection cases. Learn how to get low cost or FREE legal help with your debt collection problem here.

I hope things work out for you.

Nov 19, 2009
Unable to pay
by: Anonymous

Dear Elizabeth:

It appears to me that you are "judgment proof". Basically, that means you don't have to worry about being sued, losing the judgment. If you can't pay, then you can't. You stated you have no property, assets, etc., further making you judgment proof. If a debt collection agency contacts you, just write them a nice letter, explaining your judgment proof status, and NOT to further contact you. By law, the debt collection agency must stop direct dealings with you.

Good luck, and please do not fear, do not worry, since your current situation has you outside the bounds of collection. Should your financial situation improve, you can always contact your creditors and make a deal. But until then, they have little to no recourse but to take their losses.

Hope this helps. I speak from personal experience, my situation much like yours. The bottom line is not to be intimidated. In the circumstance you describe, you are in the driver's seat of reality. If we can't pay, then we can't pay. If we have no assets, then we don't. Stuff happens.

Jul 24, 2014
Kaiser bills in collection
by: Anonymous

I have s.s. income only, but am married to a person who has property. Kaiser has sent me to collection even though I have an on-going agreed payment plan. Can they attach my spouse and also can they charge high interest fees?

Response from

It sounds like at this point you are dealing with a third party debt collection agency, not Kaiser. Is that correct? If so, then forget about Kaiser. Your debt is with a collection agency and you need to understand how they work.

Our free ebook Debt Collection Answers will walk you through what to do when you are contacted by a collector, and what they can and cannot do to collect. (It's much more detailed than a short answer, which is why we recommend you get the book so you fully understand your rights.)

Debt collectors generally cannot go after wages or property unless they take you to court, sue you and then get a judgment. Even then, it is unlikely they can go directly after your spouse's wages, though if they do get a judgment against you joint bank accounts could be at risk. If it gets to the point where they are suing you, we recommend you talk with a consumer bankruptcy attorney.

Please read the book so you understand your rights. Hopefully you can come to an arrangement that resolves your debt without having to go to court.

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