Debt Collection Agency Wants Its Fee

by S. Thomas
(Southeastern, Ok)

10-18-10 I went to Valley View Foot and Ankle Center in Ada, Ok. I have Health Choice Ins. (I work in an OK. public school system) I paid $58.50 at the office the day I received service. I was later billed for 429.49. I felt that was outrageous however, I knew I owed it. 3-1-11 I paid 50.00. (I recently paid of a hospital bill). June 17, 11 I received a bill saying I owed 379.49. July 4, I sent a payment that was posted 7/8/11 for another 50.00. July 12, 11 I receive a letter from Professional Credit Collections, Inc. saying I owed $492.58. I thought they had been misinformed and did not pay much attention to the letter. Later during the month of July my husband sold some calves and told me to pay the dr. bill off and I called the Dr.s office for the correct amount. I explained the situation and was told I owed 492.58 because it had already been sent to collections. So I called the collections agency and told them I was paying the drs. office directly in the amount of 329.49. (the original balance) that was paid on 8-1-11 (posted at the bank on 8-2-11). We struggle just to keep insured and we have been working over a year paying off a hospital bill. I had another foot problem in May and did not feel like I could afford to go to the dr. so I just suffered through it. Now I feel like I'm being harrassed by the collection agency. They're wanting their piece of the pie I guess. Please tell me what my rights are. I've never had to deal with a collector before. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Aug 28, 2011
Debt Collection Agency Wants Its Fee

When a debt is turned over to a collection agency, the agency is entitled to get paid for its efforts to collect the debt. Typically they receive a percentage of the money they collect from a consumer or they are paid a flat fee. Therefore, the collection agency that has been in touch with you is entitled to its fee, which appears to be a little more than $163 if I did my math right and it is entitled to try to collect that money from you. However, in its efforts to get you to pay what you owe, it is not entitled to violate the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) or any law in your state that applies to debt collection.

You mention in your question that you feel like you are being harassed but you do not indicate why or provide any examples of harassment. If indeed you are being harassed you may have grounds for a lawsuit against the collector. However, I recommend that you before you explore that option, you become familiar with your rights and debt collectors' responsibilities according to the FDCPA and any applicable law in your state. A good way to educate yourself about the federal law and confirm whether or not you are being harassed is to purchase a copy of our ebook, Debt Collection Answers. You can read the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers online for free. Good luck!

Aug 30, 2011
I don't think you should pay the fee
by: Brandon Kress

I agree that you should read more about your rights.
left a great link.

My experience tells me that you shouldn't pay the fee. As long as you pay what you originally owed all parties should be satisfied and it should go away - 95% of the time. 5% of the time the collection agency might go after their fee but in this case it's probably not worth their time.

Good luck!

Brandon Kress CPA

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