Complaints About Debt Collection Agencies?

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If you have a complaint about debt collection agencies, we recommend you file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Agency which is looking into collection industry practices. 

At the same time, it is important to know your right when dealing with debt collectors. Our free ebook Debt Collection Answers: How to Use Debt Collection Laws to Protect Your Rights can help. You won't know if a collector has  broken the law unless you know your rights!

Still, it's also important to get the word out to regulators about what's going on. For example:

  • Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster filed a lawsuit against Portfolio Recovery Associates on behalf of the citizens of his state. 
  • W.Va. Attorney General Darrell McGraw obtained a settlement against several out-of-state collection agencies resulting in $7.9 million in cancelled debts for W.Va. citizens. 
  • And in 2004, Expert Global Solutions, including its subsidiaries such as NCO Financial agreed to pay the FTC the largest civil penalty ever - $3.2 million - for alleged violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 

Those cases would not have come about if people didn't speak up to state and federal consumer protection agencies!

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Featured Debt Collection Agencies

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Absolute Resolutions

Accounts Retrievable

Allied Interstate

Afni Collections, Inc.

Asset Acceptance

Asset Recovery Solutions

Asta Fundings

APM Companies

Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc



Crown Asset Management


Encore Capital


Global Acceptance Credit

Houston Funding

NCO Financial

Investment Management & Recoveries, Inc.

Kramer & Associates

Midland Funding LLC

New Century

Oliphant Financial

Portfolio Recovery Assoc

Precision Recovery Analytics

RJM Acquisition

Santander Consumer USA

Sherman Financial Group


Tate & Kirlin Associates

Unifund CCR Partners

Wakefield & Associates

West Asset Management, Inc

Zenith Acquisition


Note: We are no longer taking complaints about collection agencies. Instead we encourage you to file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. This federal regulator is looking into the collection industry, and we believe it is important that you share your complaints with them at

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Debt Collection Company Complaints

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

Can my SSDI be garnished for a debt?  
Can this collection agency garnish a monthly payment from income that is Social Security Disability payments? Reply from …

U.S collections West 
U.s. collection west just finished a wage garnishment against me for a non-payment of rent. I owed 200.00. The total judgement was for for 585.00 with …

oakwood debt collection 
They called my job and my sister. My co worker interrupted a meeting talking about how I would be arrested. They are now oakwood. Called back and I got …

Common Wealth Financial Systems  
My complaint, So I've been receiving hang up call's from this company not knowing who they was or what they wanted. These calls was coming in …

Debt collectors trying to collect debt from when spouse and I were separated 
Hi, I would like to explain my situation and see if you can help me. I am a single mother of two. I was divorced in 2009 and my husband and I had a collection …

Investment Management & Recoveries Inc. 
Investment Management & Recoveries Inc. keeps harassing me with phone calls. I have disputed the claim, I have specifically instructed them to cease and …

Sherman Financial Svs.LLP. 
Sherman Financial is a collection Agency, who Purchased my Credit Card Debt from Citi Bank which was due in 2005. I went Bankrupt in December 2005, and …

Liberty Acquisitions, LLC 
Despite going to court--and they didn't get anything--these people have been calling, and sending Pattern Interrogatories, etc., as I am on disability. …

e-debt solutions 
I'm writing to report harassment of this collection agency, calling and leaving messages. I have no unpaid debt to be collected and I've sent messages …

national attorneys services 
This company has sent text messages to our phones, so i responded. I spoke with a couple rude girls who would not let me speak and when trying to get a …

J.C. Christensen and Associates 
I have a medical bill for $1,300 that was sent to J.C. Christensen. I know that I owe this debt and want to pay it. I called them and said I would like …

Anderson Law Firm 
They keep calling me saying my ssn# is under investigation and that if i can't pay them for a loan they say i got but i know i didn't then a sheriff …

First Credit Services 
First Credit Services 1-866-662-9844 keeps calling my home and trying to collect a debt from a person that is not us. They call almost daily at all hours …

USC Mediation. USC & Associates and other names 
Threats of charges already filed and can stop it by paying now. Calls to other family members saying there are charges against me. They will not send me …

collection bureau of the hudson valley 
they wont stop calling my house even after i told them not too numerous times. they keep saying oh well it must be different people calling for the same …

portfolio recovery 
The company (based in Virginia) has been harrassing me for the past 7+ yrs for a debt incurred in 199?. Despite repeated requests to furnish me with details …

My husband is receiving letters and bills from HSS COLLECTION AGENCY in Cliffside Park, NJ 09010.The name on the bill is correct but they have the wrong …

Forster, Garbus and Garbus 
This group of lawyers hires the most unprofessional people to handle there debt collections, the above mentioned group is a collection agency that is employed …

IAC & Associates (IEC?) 
I am receiving harassing calls daily from a company at 440-776-8923 and 440-776-8937. I have repeatedly told them that the person they are looking for …

Debt Bought and Sold 
I had set-up a payment plan and was 6 months into the plan, when I noticed a change in the name on my bank statement. That's the only reason...I know …

Nelson Hirsch Associates 
Debt Collector Nelson, Hirsch & Associates Enters into $4.3 Million Settlement with the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection ATLANTA, GA – Nelson, …

Sears Citibank  
My mother is in a nursing home and the cc company keeps calling our office which is a doctors ofc. asking for her. We keep telling them this is an ofc …

Wakefield and Associates 
Got a call asking for someone with my husband's name (there are 7 people with the same/similar name listed in our city). My husband was not available. …

Investment Management & Recoveries Inc. 
well long story short. we agreed to a settlement offer of $250 to settle a case. it was agreed to be electronicly withdrawn out of my checking on a friday. …

Tate and Kirlin Associates 
I have recently been contacted about a debt from 2005 that was dismissed in a chapt 13. I contacted the original creditor and they said the account was …

AFNI Collections, Inc. 
This is a Bloomington, Illinois debt collection company owned by Anderson Financial Network, Inc.. They are a company that deals with Verizon phone company …

Communities of Abilene fcu 
This bank froze my savings when my fully insured was stolen. The vehicle has been retired. What right do the have to do this. My payments were always on …

Brachfeld Law Group PC 
This firm called my house for about 8 months. I finally filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the calls stopped for about 4 months. …

Fred Hanna & Associates 
This is a law firm/collection agency from Marietta, GA. They are associated with Bank of America and Chase as well as a network of over 70 law firms throughout …

Goldkey Credit 
They have been calling here looking for someone who does not live here. They have been told that the person does not live here. They continue to call.

Benjamin and Williams 
Called with derogatory remarks ("you're a piece of s--hit") threatened bodily harm and threatened to sue. Never read mini miranda rights in phone conversations, …

Consumer Loan Portfolio 
I purchased a 2005 Suzi from a dealership who financed the car through a Lender by the name of Consumer Loan Portfolio. In early 2006, I was diagnosed …

Global Credit Collection Corp 
Mailed in Letter of Verification to Global today ( 05-19-2011 ) but of course got their usual daily call. Notified caller Certified mail was on its way …

Global Collection Corp 
We received no formal letter from this company although our acct was turned over to them 3 months prior from Capital One. After a phone conversation …

Law Offices Howard Lee Schiff, Pc 
Because this people are lawyers they are trying to bully me into answering questions that I know I don't have to answer.

American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc 
1)Malevolent practices. Disregard for their borrowers. There are charges to make online or phone payments. They claim to not receive mailed payments by …

Legal Revovery Law Offices/San  
I have read with great relief that there is something I can do about a pending lawsuit with LRLO. I have read about the sneaky, underhanded methods used …

Dynamic Recovery Services complaint 
This company call a relative's job asking for me. She told them I did not nor did I ever work there but she was a relative. She asked them who they were …

My Nelson Hirsch & Associates Complaint 
I worked for the company for a few months and they are in serious violation of the FDCPA rules and regulations. I can't believe the unorthodox things …

Cascade Collections, Inc 
hospital bill by Jan (Salem, Oregon) My husband was out of state and since he is the only one in the family who doesn't have health insurance he …

TK Financial In Pinol, Ca. 
I had gotten into a mess with a corporation that haired me back in early Feb 2005. I was looking for a job when I was given a job to collect mail packages …

Capital One Bank 
I applied for a credit card last month. After I received the card I decided not to activate the account. Today I received a statement of account with a …

Legal Recovery Law Office 
I was called by mistake by this debt collection company who was trying to reach another person by my name. This has happened with other companies in the …

Nelson Hirsch and Associates 
I owe them about $800 thy told me they will take $600 over 2 months I can't afford that. I told them i can give them $ 100 a month and they refused. …

Santander Consumer USA Holdings is consumer finance company that makes auto loans and unsecured consumer loans. In 2014, SCUSA became a public company. …

Crescent Bank & Trust 
On Friday, April 23, 2010, I received a call in reference to my car loan payment that was late. I explained to the people on the phone that she was calling …

Capital One 
I went to court in February for a supplemental hearing and was told I was free to go because I didn't make enough money and received state assistance. …

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