Debt Bought and Sold

by Screwed
(Houston, Texas)

I had set-up a payment plan and was 6 months into the plan, when I noticed a change in the name on my bank statement. That's the only reason...I know anything about what is going on with NH&A.

After I found this out, I contacted the original business and found out that NH&A wasn't even the collection agency that had been given the debt. It appears the National Credit Adjusters (NCA) was given the collection but sold it to NH&A...this is all unconfirmed since I am unable to reach NCA via phone.

The company name on my bank statement was Aaron Everett & Meyers and come to find out was established in 7/2011 by Gordon M Berger an attorney. So how did this company get my debt information?

Also, Atlanta Restaurant Real Estate Brokers - The Shumacher Group helped to sell NH&A to a JEFF TILT per their website "" which I emailed them & said really bad PR.

Below is the press release as of November 8, 2011

Debt Collector Nelson, Hirsch & Associates
Enters into $4.3 Million Settlement with the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection...

So they have shut her down but it appears that the business was sold and so where does that leave me?

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Nov 23, 2011
Debt Bought and Sold

Old debts are bought and sold all of the time, so I assume that is what happened to your debt. I would get in touch immediately with the firm that now owns your debt to make sure that your most recent plan payments were properly credited and to confirm that you are to continue sending your payments to the address you have been using. I recommend that you ask for a written accounting of your payments.

If you make this request by phone, be sure to follow it up in writing so that you have written proof of the request. You may need this proof later if you end up having to take legal action against the firm that now has your debt for some reason. Make a copy of your letter and send the original letter via certified mail with a return receipt requested.

If the firm that now has your debt violates your legal debt collection rights, get help right away. Go here to find out about 4 sources of legal assistance, FREE consultation with a consumer law attorney. Also, to become more fully informed about your debt collection rights, you may want toget our ebook Debt Collection Answers.

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