Deased husband's medical bills

by Jackie
(Raytown, Missouri)

They have taken me to collections and I live in Missouri. What can they do do collect the money? I have nothing but my house, my car and a jet ski. Can they garnish my wages or take my house. I am getting none of his pension, or did a get a life insurance policy. I only make about $33,000 yearly. Please HELP!

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Apr 11, 2011
Deceased husband's bills


We are so sorry to hear of your husband's deatn and the difficulties you've experienced since then. We don't want you to make any bad decisions while you are in a state of grief or shock, so we encourage you to do three things:

1. Please start a file and keep copies of all bills/collection notices that come in. Also use our Free Debt Collection Worksheet to take notes every time you talk with a creditor or collector.

2. Make an appointment for a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney. This is important. It doesn't mean you have to or will file. What it will do is allow you to find out whether you may be liable for those bills, and if so, what you can do to deal with them. If you find out you aren't responsible for those bills, then you'll be able to tell the debt collector to stop contacting you without worrying that you might be doing something wrong.

3. If you suspect that the debt collector may be breaking the law (for example, by pressuring you to pay your late husband's bills even though you are not legally responsible for them),

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