dead ex wife debt

by jesse
(south dakota)

after a lengthy divorce battle my ex wife just two weeks after the divorce was final passed away, in the decree there was a medical bill she withheld that was from 2008 two days after she passed away creditors started calling me for the first time about this debt wich is not coverd in divorce decree some items listed on the bill i am responcible for and intend to pay but 60% of the bill is intrest charges or things undeer her name what can i do ?>

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Mar 01, 2012
dead ex wife debt
by: Debtcollectionanswers

My best advice is for you to consult with your divorce attorney. If you did not use an attorney, then I would schedule an appointment with one now so the attorney can review the details of your decree.

If you were married at the time your ex incurred the medical debt and you signed for the debt, then the creditors are entitled to go after you for the money. Also, if you lived in a community property state:

New Mexico

and you were married when she took on the debt, then you are obligated to pay the money because spouses in those states are legally obligated to pay one another's debts.

If neither of these situations apply to you, then you probably are not legally obligated to pay the medical debt of your deceased wife, although I am not an attorney nor have I seen the details of your divorce decree. Again however, I recommend that you meet with a divorce attorney so you can be 100% sure what your obligations are.

Assuming the decree does not obligate you to pay the debt, you should know that it's not at all unusual for debt collectors and creditors to contact the relatives of the deceased (including ex-spouses) looking for payment of his or her debt. More often than not however, the relatives are not obligated to pay it. For more information about this issue, go here: deceased person’s debt FAQ.

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