Daily Phone Calls Debt Not Mine

by Randy
(Port Townsend, WA USA)

I receive daily phone calls from this company. They say that they are trying to collect a debt. when I try to return the call and find out who they're looking for I only get to another recorded message. I have no debts that are delinquent...I would be more than happy to discuss this issue with an actual person.

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Randy - if you know who the company is you can send them a letter telling them to stop contacting you. Read our information about debt collection for the wrong person and also be sure to file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is looking into debt collection issues.

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Jun 19, 2013
Stop Calling!!
by: Jane

Receive daily calls from Allied trying to collect a debt...I personally do not have a debt to be collected...no one on phone when answered...tried to call back and no answer...tired of continual calls ...will report to Consumer Financial Protection...for starters!!

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Let us know what happens!

May 23, 2013
Harrassment phone calls
by: Wrong person

I have received phone calls from Allied Interstate for the last 3 mornings just before 8am each morning asking to speak with a Jeff Williams. There is no one at my residence by that name, nor do I know anyone by that name. I press option 2 which states that I am not this person, and I am connected to a live person. Each morning I have explained that they have the wrong number and to please remove my number from their list.

Before I can finish my sentence they hang up on me. I understand that these calls are recorded so they may be hanging up before I can finish saying remove my phone number so they don't have record of me saying this, hence they can keep on calling me.

This morning, the 3rd morning of dealing with this, I first advised the woman not to hang up on me and then I told her she had the wrong number remove my...then she hung up on me. This is harassment and I have reported this phone number 800-258-8074 to donotcall.gov and the FTC.

These calls must stop. My last name is Williams, which is extremely common, so I receive phone calls for other people ALL THE TIME. This just isn't right. And the corporation should be ashamed of how they handle trying to collect debts from people, especially in my situation where they honestly have the wrong individual.

May 23, 2013
Same problem
by: Bruce

They call over and over and over. We tell them they have the wrong number, they don't listen. The first thing they say is this call is being recorded. When i here this, I say who is calling, they do identify if you can understand them, and then i say wrong number. Over and Over and Over

Feb 12, 2013
Please Stop
by: Diana

I have an 82 year old sister that gets a call from these people everyday. (800-258-8074) She can not hear very well and has other health problems. She thinks they are calling about the debt of a car that she doesn't even know what they are talking about. It scares her and she feels it is some sort of threat. Iwish they would leave her alone!! She just hangs up now but it still worries her. HOW CRUEL!!!

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Diana - I hope you will help your friend file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You may also want to read our page about debt collection for the wrong person for more suggestions.

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