Dad Ruined My Credit

by Dylan
(Galatia, Illinois, United states )

My dad somehow got a loan in my name when i was 16 for a work van and never paid on it the van got repoed and now my credit score is below 450 WHAT DO I DO????????????????????

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Unfortunately you are not the only person we've heard from whose parent's trashed their credit before they were able to get credit on their own.

What your father did was commit identity fraud. And family members are a prime source of this kind of fraud.

There is no easy solution to your problem. You can try disputing it with the credit reporting agencies, and explain that you were only 16 years old at the time and did not open the loan. But if they don't remove it, then you may have to be willing to sign a fraud affidavit implicating your father for this.

You'll find more information on children and ID theft here:

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