Current wife's wages may be garnished for husband's prior marriage

by Marie
(Houma, La.)

My husband & I were married in June of 2009 & living in Louisiana. My husband was served with a judgment in the amount of $10,000 in July of 2009. This credit card debt was generated from his prior marriage between him & his x-wife. I in no way shape or form benefited from this debt & the account was closed before we were married.The lawyer has served me with a consent order stating that my wages will be garnished to resolve this debt, is this possible?

How can I be held responsible for someone elses debt? This was created long before I came into the picture. The lawyer is telling me that my wages are community & so are my assets. I asked why they were not going after the x-wife who was responsible for it & he stated that my husband & her are not married any more so it falls on me.

Please help.

Reply from

Marie - We are so sorry to hear you are dealing with this! You need to talk with an attorney as soon as possible to find out your rights here. Generally, in community property states, spouses are not responsible for debts incurred solely by their spouse before the marriage. But we aren't attorneys any, unfortunately, we don't know the details of the community property laws in Louisiana.

We would suggest you start with a consumer law attorney, and if necessary, talk with a bankruptcy attorney.

We hope you're able to get this resolved without having to worry about your wages being garnished.

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