Crooked Chiropractor Referral, a Denied VA Claim and $1000 bill

by Danielle
(San Angelo, Texas)

The VA referred me to a chiropractor while I was out of town on business. I didn't get the referral letter until I got back, a few months later. I called the location and let them know that I just got the referral letter and asked if I could still come in under that referral and would it be covered. They said yes.

I go for a few months and nothing gets better so I stop going and go back to my old chiropractor that wasn't covered by VA. I then get a bill for $1000 from the chiropractor because the VA denied the claim because they sent them a letter from the beginning that stated I was only authorized three visits. I didn't get the letter because the VA has the wrong address for me on file (they keep writing 3921 instead of 3821 and my post office rarely catches it).

I attempt to appeal but never get the information (presumably because) the VA never fixes my address after multiple calls and assurances that they will fix it. I got a letter the other day with the wrong address on it and I wondered how many other things have slipped through the cracks because my mail carrier goes on vacation for a few months at a time.

So, now this chiropractor sends me a bill because I'm guessing they think I might have money now that it is tax time but guess what? I don't. Not only that but I'm pissed because they didn't even tell me their rates when they admitted me and their rates are more than three times higher than those of my current chiropractor and twice as high as any other chiropractor I've ever seen (even in Hollywood). What can I do?

The VA is useless. The patient advocates are useless. I can't get a hold of any of the so-called mediators. I have a 6 month old baby so I can't drive the 3 hours to the nearest big VA clinic to scream and holler until someone actually helps me (at least get my address correct and get a hold of that 3 day visit letter). I don't have $1000 to pay these crooks who tricked me into coming to see them. Ideas?

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May 07, 2012
Crooked Chiropractor Referral, a Denied VA Claim and $1000 bill

I understand your frustration trying to work with a bureaucracy like the VA. I don't know what to tell you to get it to send its letters to your correct address. One thing you might try is to call the local office of your Senator or Congressman and speak to the person who is in charge of constituent services. Tell this person about your problem and ask if he/she can help you get the VA to change its records so that it has your correct address on file. Sometimes, a call from the office of a Congressman or Senator will get action. It's worth a try.

As for the chiropractor's bill, it was your responsibility to find out the office's rates when you went there if the office did not share them with you up-front. I doubt that they were trying to "rip you off" and since you used the chiropractor's services, you owe the money. If you cannot pay the bill in full, contact the office to see if you can pay it over time. If the office agrees to a payment plan, get the terms of the plan in writing before you begin paying on it.

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