Crescent Bank & Trust

by Carolyn
(Houston, Texas)

On Friday, April 23, 2010, I received a call in reference to my car loan payment that was late. I explained to the people on the phone that she was calling my place of employment and I stated that it should be a note in my file to call my cell phone or my home number. I asked her to call my cell phone and she refuse to end the conversation. I eventually hung up the phone because my manager came into the room. I went to the bathroom and called Crescent Bank to make the proper arrangements. I did not want to speak to the same person because she was unprofessional. She threatens to repossess my vehicle and she kept emphasizing that every 30 days you all can review a file as well as repossess my vehicle.

I asked to speak with a manager because I want to know if it was company policy for one of your employees to act in such a manner. I was transferred to a young lady that I soon found out that was not the manager and I asked that the call be recorded. I kept hearing beeps in the line as if the call was not being recorded but someone was monitoring the call. As we were on the phone someone from Crescent Bank continue to call my employer and my co-worker came in the restroom saying that someone from the bank is on the phone. I told her to tell them that I was on the phone with someone from the bank, stop calling. She gave your representative my message. Instead of you rep hanging up she wanted to know who I was talking to from the bank. My co-worker left her on hold and then that person called back asking for me again. This was too much, my manager wrote me up that day because someone called 4 times even asking for human resource.

As I was on the phone with the other person, I kept telling her that there was someone that kept calling the office. But she kept talking to me about collect a payment which I know that I owe. My problem was that it took several times for me to keep repeating that someone keeps calling my job as I am on the phone with you.

Finally she said, I will go out to the floor and tell them to stop calling my job after she got my debit card number. This was bad business and I have to report it.

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Apr 27, 2010
your experience with Crescent Bank & Trust
by: Gerri

Thank you for sharing your experience. Since your complaint is about a bank collecting its own debt, it is not covered by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. However, Texas has some strong consumer protection laws. So I don't think it would hurt for you to talk with the consumer law attorney to find out what your rights are. You can talk with a consumer law attorney with experience in debt collection cases. Learn how to get low cost or FREE legal help with your debt collection problem here.

At a minimum, I agree this is a bad business practice. If you lose your job because they're bothering you at work you certainly won't be able to make your car payment. In addition to complaining here, you may also want to file a complaint with your state attorney general's office.

I hope you're able to work this out and get back on track.

Aug 06, 2014
violated my privacy
by: Anonymous

An unknown person in the neighborhood was called given my name and address and told that I owed a bill twice. The man came to my house and gave me the information. The company have all our contact information I did not see a need for them to contact a neighbor and give them all of my financial private information.i did not know this man who delivered this message to me. This was not even my bill it was for my husband.I was the person paying the account.

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A debt collectors is not allowed to discuss a debt with a third party. I'd recommend you read our free ebook so you understand your rights.
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