Creditor Locating Bank Accounts

by Pam
(Twin Cities, MN)

How can a creditor locate your bank accounts? I am using a debit card, but recently discovered that it does have a routing and acct # and is considered a "bank account". I never used this card to pay any of my now charged off delinquent debts and am in the process of filing bankruptcy.

Should I be worried that I will be found out when I go to court if I have more than a couple of hundred dollars on this card, or is the likelihood of anyone discovering this account pretty slim? My bankruptcy case should be filed by July 31st with a court date about 30 days from there.

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Aug 06, 2010
debit card and bankruptcy
by: Gerri


I am not sure I understand your question. It sounds like there is a very small balance in this account/on this prepaid card - and you must be completely truthful about your income and assets when you file for bankruptcy. You certainly don't want to jeopardize your case by trying to hide something.

I assume you are filing with the help of a bankruptcy attorney. (If not, please reconsider. The bankruptcy laws are much more difficult to navigate on your own these days, and companies that simply prepare paperwork can't provide the legal advice you should get.)

Why do you want to "hide" this debit card from your creditors? You can use the comments link below to explain, and that might help me better answer your question.

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