Credited Account but Sent to a Debt Collector

by Lisa

I received my phone bill that I was in dispute about. They credited my account, but then I received a letter from a debt collector saying I owed this amount. So, my question is how could they credit my account and then turn around and say I still owe it through a debt collector? Is this even legal? Makes no sense to me. Thanks.

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Dec 08, 2010
Collection Mix Up
by: Gerri

It sounds like a definite mix up. You can respond to the collection agency by sending them a certified letter explaining that you do not owe the debt, and why, and asking them to clear the account. If you can get a hold of a copy of the statement showing the credit, include it. Be sure to send your dispute certified mail, return receipt and keep a copy for your records.

Also talk with the phone company and ask them to contact the debt collector to rescind the collection notice. Let them know that if they do not, you will be talking with a consumer law attorney.

Then check your credit reports. If this account shows up, dispute it, and if it is not resolved talk with a consumer law attorney. A false collection account can damage your credit for years to come.

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