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by Roger
(jasper al)

I got a bill from credit &collection for 52.25 that is where I seen a dermatologist. I have never got a bill from them at all &I have been back two times sience that first time on nov7 2011 they at the office never mentioned any bill to me now I get this letter telling me to send them the money or a written letter to credit &collection as to why I dont owe this bill.I have insurance &have not revived a bill from the dermatologist what should I do I dont want this showing on my credit report I have excellent credit. Thank you for your time.

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Jan 21, 2012
credit & collection

I recommend that you contact your dermatologist's office and try to resolve the problem there. It sounds like there may be a billing error on their part. Also, if you have been back to the office since your first visit it would seem like someone would have reminded you that you owed the office money.

Meanwhile, order a copy of your credit report from all three of the credit reporting agencies to see if the medical debt is showing as past due or in collections. (You are entitled a free report from each of them every year.) Go here to order your free report:

If you are able to resolve your problem with the office and your account was sent to collections by mistake, ask the office to contact whichever credit bureaus may be reporting your debt as past due to correct the information. If the office agrees to do that, order another copy of your credit report from the appropriate credit bureaus a month or two later to confirm that the information has been removed. (Note: You may have to contact the debt collection agency to have this done, but start with the medical provider.)

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