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by Amy

I filed bankruptcy 8/15/11 and went to meeting of creditors 10/12/11. I checked 2 credit reports today and it shows all six creditors as being closed due to Bankruptcy. My concern is Citi Bank because it only shows one of two accounts closed. The other card seems to not be on the reports at all either for good or bad!! It should at least show as delinquent on the report.

I'm worried they didn't get notified of the bankruptcy, but yet it doesn't make sense only one card is closed. Do you think they are waiting because they are going to file a complaint? Since it doesn't show at all on either report do you think maybe Citi Bank just hasn't reported it to the credit agency? I also thought about the fact that since it's not final yet maybe that's why they haven't reported it yet (this is my highest balance card).

An info or thoughts is appreciated. Thank you.

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Amy - are you working with a bankruptcy attorney? He or she should be able to answer this question. If you are filing on your own, then the main issue is whether the debt was list when you filed. Credit reports are not always completely accurate. If it was discharged, then it really doesn't matter whether it is listed on your credit reports. (Though you are correct that you could end up with some kind of problem - but if so, you can send them a copy of your paperwork showing the debt was discharged.)

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