Credit card debt/loss job

by Les
(Michigan, U.S.A.)

I have worked at my last job for about 5 years, since 2006. I was fired this summer 2011. In 2004 I opened up 2 credit cards and I was an 18 year old freshmen in college. The cards were eventually turned over to collections for non-payment. I have not made any payments at all.

One of the cards began to garnish my wages and I just let it happen, but I was fired so they were not able to collect. I am still unemployed and I have a car that I bought with my own money. A 2005 chevy impala and its in a pretty bad shape. I have owned the car for just a year.

Also, in 2008 the brakes went out in my buick and hit the back of another car. The persons insurance agency threatened to sue me and I never went to court about it.

I went outside today and my car was gone. It was taken by the court and the only reason could be for the collection of the credit card or from me getting into an accident in 2008 in another car.

My question is this, can the court legally take my car that I owe nothing on and have no insurance on it without first warning me? And if I was to file bankrupt, would I be able to get my car back?

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Les - we don't know why your car was repossessed. Typically, an auto can't be repossessed for a credit card judgment, but it is possible that the judgment gave the creditor the ability to go after your assets.

What you need to do now is to talk with a bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. It's really something that you should have done when you first got the judgment against you that you could not pay. The attorney can tell you want the collectors can and cannot do, and can help you decide your next move.

We hope things turn around for you soon.

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