credit card debt

by darren
(clearwater, fl, usa)

If my father passed away, how is his credit card debt paid?

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Oct 28, 2015
power of attorney
by: Michael mulari

My father in law passed on November 17 I have had all his mail sent to me I have paid all his closing bills however I haven't seen his credit card statement I don't even know what card he has, however I heard my niece took it from him please advise.

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Our condolences for your loss. Are you the executor of his estate? Then you should be able to get a copy of his credit report. (Here's how to order a deceased person’s credit report.) That should alert you to any outstanding credit cards, and you can use that information to contact the card issuers directly.

Aug 19, 2012
credit card debt?
by: Anonymous

what if I am a co-signer on his bank account (he is 96 years old) but had nothing to do with this credit cards. Would I be responsible for his credit card debt?


May 21, 2012
credit card debt

Your father's debts will be paid out of his estate. His estate is the assets he owned at the time of his death. If your father wrote a will, then the person who he named as his executor is responsible for filing the will with the probate court in the county your father resided in and for using your father's assets to pay as much of what he owed as possible. Any assets he left to you or anyone else cannot be distributed until this happens. Also, it's possible that some of his assets may have to be sold to pay his debts, in which case, those assets would not be available to be distributed.

If your father owed more money than the value of his assets, then the creditors that do not get paid are out of luck. They have no right to ask you or anyone else to pay the debts unless you (or someone else) incurred the debt with your father as a joint debt or you co-signed for the debt.

If your father died without a will, then you or someone else should contact the probate court, which will name an administrator to do what an executor does. The administrator could be you, another relative, a trusted friend, etc.

If your father's estate was very small, it will qualify for an expedited court process. My understanding that to qualify for the process, your father's estate must be worth $75,000 or less, not including his homestead. Contact the probate court in your father's area to find out about this process if you believe that your father's estate would qualify.

If you have additional questions or need help settling your father's estate, contact a probate law attorney in the county of your father's residence.

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