Credit Card Debt

by lavier

i owe about60000.00 in old creit cards. my only income is disability whayt now>

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Feb 12, 2011
Credit Card Debt

Thanks for getting in touch, Lavier.

You did not provide much information about your finances in your question, so I cannot be very specific in my answer. However, I can tell you that your creditors cannot take your disability income to pay the money you owe to them. However, depending on the nature of any assets you may own, it's possible that they may be able to take some of them or put liens on them in order to get paid. To do that however, they will have to sue you first and win their lawsuits. It's also possible that you are judgment-proof in which case your creditors would probably not bother to sue you because if they did get judgments against you, they would not be able to collect on them. You would be judgment-proof if you had no assets that they could go after if they won their lawsuits.

I recommend that you schedule an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney in your area. Your initial appointment should be free. The attorney can take a comprehensive look at your finances, tell you whether or not you are judgment-proof, and if you are not, advise you about your options regarding the debts that you owe. Click here to a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.

Best of luck.

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