Credit card debt

by Daria
(Vancouver, wa)

What is the best way to start paying past due credit card debt when you can't afford what the cc companies state is your minimum?

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Apr 27, 2010
paying credit card debt
by: Gerri


Thanks for submitting your question on our Q&A page.

My other book, Reduce Debt Reduce Stress (, goes into detail on how to diagnose your debt and find a solution. But to summarize, you'll have to look at a few options including:

Talking with a nonprofit credit counseling agency to see if they can help.

If they can't offer you an affordable payment plan, then you'll need to look at setting up a a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney and then also consider negotiating a settlement with your creditors. You may want to listen to our debt settlement podcast to get a better understanding of this option.

I am sorry this is so general, but I hope at least point you in the right direction.

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