Credit card debt reappears after bankruptcy

a credit card debt was included in my bankruptcy. The credit card company merged with another big bank and suddenly the debt reappeared. It has been sold to three different collection agencies according to my credit report. I can prove that this debt was included in the bankruptcy. What can I do?

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Oct 01, 2011
Credit card debt reappears after bankruptcy

Provide the debt collection agency that currently has the debt with a copy of your bankruptcy discharge paperwork. Include with that paperwork a letter stating that you filed bankruptcy on X date and received a discharge of your debts on X date and therefore you no longer owe the money. Also, tell the collection agency that you do not want to be contacted about the debt again. Make a copy of your letter for your files and send everything to the collection agency via certified mail with a return receipt requested. Once the collector receives your letter, it is legally obligated to cease communicating with you.
Before you send the letter, take the time to read our advice on using a cease and desist letter to stop a debt collector.

If you continue to have problems with collectors and this particular debt, I recommend that you either talk with your bankruptcy attorney about what to do next or meet with a consumer law attorney in your area who helps resolve debt collection issues. Find out how to get FREE or low cost legal advice about debt collection from a consumer law attorney here.

Meanwhile, if your credit record shows that this particular debt is in collections, I would also make a copy of your bankruptcy discharge paperwork and send the credit reporting agency a letter with the paperwork attached noting that the debt was discharged through bankruptcy on X date and that therefore, you would like your credit report to be corrected to reflect the fact that you no longer owe it. Again, send the letter certified mail after you have made a copy of it for your files.

Good luck!

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