Credit card debt from 1999 from Texas but I now live in OK

by Kay

I had major financial woes in 1998 so moved away and paid off most of my old debts but just neglected one credit card balance of I think $3000.00. I just received my credit report and this company no longer shows on it.

Then today I began getting calls from Weinstein and associates (a 877 number) saying things like litigation, sounding really scary etc. I googled the number and company and found lots of people saying they were a scam. Can someone come after me for this? It's been almost 12 years....

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Kay, it's not unusual for debt buyers to dredge up old debts. But their threats to sue you over debts that are 12 years old may be illegal.

You can ask them to send you something in writing. That's your right under federal law.

If you confirm this debt is outside the statute of limitations, you may want to send them a cease contact letter and ask them not to contact you again.

If they continue to pressure you to pay the debt, talk with a consumer law attorney.

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