Court order/judgment

by Anonymous

I have a judgment against me. What information should i not give out in the court order JUDGMENT? Asking for Social Security + Bank account info. I bought the book but it does not go this far. Any info is good.

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Aug 27, 2009
When there is a court judgment
by: Gerri

If it understand you correctly, you are being ordered to disclose details of your finances as a result of a judgment against you. This is not likely optional. You should provide accurate responses to the questions asked of you.

What will happen next depends on the laws in your state, and could include wage garnishment, even seizure of things you own. Again, it depends on state law.

I would strongly recommend you talk with a bankruptcy attorney about your rights and your options. The first consultation should be free, and the attorney can explain what creditors can and cannot do to collect on the judgment.

Please let us know how things turn out.

Nov 17, 2009
Questions by Creditors
by: Anonymous

The law does limit the type of questions a debtor has to answer or documents he has to provide to a creditor, when he is examined ONCE a year. Consult attorney or law books on this issue

Jul 03, 2014
Court ordered debt collection
by: Anonymous

I would just ignore the court. My sons wife owes thousands but the court doesn't care after judgment. She came back a few years later and filed a motion against him. We pointed out that she owes money. It was even in the same Division court that ordered her to pay. They did nothing. My advice is ignore the court. They won't do a thing.

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We disagree. We've heard from many people who were shocked to discover that money was taken out of their bank account after they had a judgment against them. It depends on the remedies available to the judgment creditor in the state.

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