court judgement

by roger

My wife obtained a court ordered judgment against a tenant that broke their lease. What steps need to be taken to try to collect the judgment in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Jun 06, 2013
court judgement
by: Debtcollectionanswers

We are not attorneys nor do we know anything about the laws in NV and Las Vegas specifically. We recommend that your wife contact the court clerk with the court that awarded her the judgment or get in touch with a Las Vegas attorney.

Good luck collecting on the judgment.

Aug 23, 2014
collect a court ordered judgement/ I am the daughter
by: Anonymous

My mother had a real estate broker sell her house he sold her house and some of the property from that was on the house property and he didn't pay her the rest of the money owed to her so she sued him in real estate court and won a judgement he never paid her and now she is deceased can our family pursue the judgement and collect it?

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Depending on the procedures in your state you may, as the heir and the plaintiff's legal representative, get the judgment "transferred" to you. You'll need to check with the court and/or an attorney to find out what paperwork must be filed. (This varies by jurisdiction so we can't give you specific advice.)

We'd caution you though: Many judgments never get collected for a variety of reasons. They debtor may not have the resources to pay it, or may have set up their business in a way to avoid personal responsibility. So just be careful before you spend a lot of money pursuing this.

And our condolences for your loss.

Feb 24, 2015
very helpful
by: Anonymous

Lol we're not lawyers...answer to everything

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