Court costs and child support

by Leonard
(Oklahoma City Oklahoma)

Okay my name is Leonard rice I just completed three years in prison have only been out 3 months and I told Oklahoma County Court Clerk Oklahoma City Court Clerk Moore Municipal Court Clerk Cleveland County Court Court clerk and I also have child support payments that I have to make every month okay its been 3 months and I really haven't paid on any of it so it's all piling up okay I've been applying for and I cannot find a job I don't know if it's because nobody wants to hire an ex-con or what but I was just wondering that if I was file bankruptcy what I still have to pay the court costs and my child support cuz I'm struggling and I'm to my wits end and I don't know what else to do

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Feb 02, 2016
child support and court costs

We're sorry to hear of the difficulty you're having getting back on your feet. Unfortunately child support typically cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. And depending on the type of court costs you've incurred they may not either but you'll need to talk with a bankruptcy attorney to find out for sure. You may be eligible for help from Legal Aid so that would be a good place to start. We hope you're able to find a job soon.

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