court appearance/possible jail time for debt

by Hannah
(Marietta, GA)

I got a call today from an attorney's office. They said I had a court appearance on Friday (2 days away) and that the creditors are wanting me to pay or serve jail time. I was never served papers to appear in court. Is this needed?

Also, are they even able to get me for jail time? This is a credit card that I had like 6 or 7 years ago. They only address that they had and claimed they gave papers to was my mom's address and I haven't lived there in 4 years. And she would have told me about this. I have been out of work and there is no way that I can pay this.

They said they will take offer and i can make payments, but I can't even do that. Can you answer my questions and give me advise please!!??

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We are sorry we didn't get to your question earlier. We have been deluged with questions from readers and are trying to catch up.

Anytime a collector threatens jail time because you can't pay a consumer debt, it's a red flag. Even more so when they claim to be an attorney, because attorneys should know better! Threats of imprisonment are typically false threats.

Are you sure this isn't one of those debt collection scam operators? Have you checked them out to see if they are legitimate?

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