Cost of ER visit showing up on my credit report. Should not be.

by e.r.

i was injured at work and the amount due for the emergency room visit just showed up on my credit report as gone to collections . i've spoken to the debt collector previously and i was told that if i didn't hear back from them that that meant it was taken care of . i havent heard back in several months but now i see that my credit score has dropped by over 50 points and i believe its because a debt collector has reported that this is my debt , which it is not ,and it has gone to collections .

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May 09, 2013
Cost of ER visit showing up on my credit report. Should not be.

If you believe that your ER debt should have been paid by workers comp, then your first move should be to find out if the debt has been paid and if it has not when it will be paid. If workers comp says it won't pay your ER bill and you believe it should, get in touch with an employment law attorney in your area.

Meanwhile, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you the right to contest information in your credit reports that you do not think is accurate. To do that, go to the website/s of the credit reporting agency/ies that are reporting the collection account and complete a dispute form.

We also recommend that you purchase a copy of our ebook, "Stop Debt Collectors," which dedicates an entire chapter to how to get a collection account removed from your credit history. You can purchase the book at this website.

Good luck!

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