Contractor harrassing me for friends bill

Hello, Can anyone tell me if my old friend's contractor can sue me for my friends debt to him? This contractor was an acquaintance of mine that I referred to an old friend a year and a half ago to do some interior construction on his house. A year has now passed and this old friend of mine, whom I no longer talk to, refuses to pay this bill and just ignores all attempts by the contractor to pay the remaining 8k debt.

Now this contractor is harassing me publicly on social media and says that because I referred him to this friend that I owe the debt in full. I am being slandered by this contractor and harassed. I dont think that just because I knew this guy that I can be liable.

Fast forward to now and the friend has filed CH13 and the contractor's debt is included and the court is having payments sent to the contractor. But the contractor is demanding payment by me and lying to me about receiving payments from the court.

This situation is all around feeling shady. I have had to cancel my social media accounts and looking into hiring an atty to protect myself.

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We're not attorneys but we don't have to be to say that you are under no obligation to pay this bill just because the contractor's client defaulted on it. It's a sad situation, but not your fault.

We would recommend you do talk with an attorney. A letter from an attorney may be enough to set this person straight.

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