Continuous Calling After Payment Arrangements Made

by JT
(North Quincy MA)

I have made payment arrangements with a collection agency to pay half of an overdue account on Dec 3 and the remaining amount due on Jan 3 this year yet keep getting calls from the collection agency at least three times a day (their # is on my Vonage phone box)and if I pick up the phone, they say that the calls will still be made until the payment is made. Is it legal to keep calling every day and/or doing so until the debt I made arrangements to pay off is taken care of?

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The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act doesn't spell out how many calls are too many, and it doesn't address your specific question, but it's possible that this could be considered harassment since you have a payment agreement and are sticking with it. We recommend you go ahead and get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney to find out. Will you let us know how this turns out for you?

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