Continual Harrassing Phone Calls To My Aunt.

Continual harassing phone calls to my aunt. SHE does not owe anyone anything, they have the wrong number. They leave a message with a phone number that is not complete.

How do I get them to stop? I, once, was able to speak to a real person.....telling them they had the wrong number, there was no one by the name they were looking for at the number they called.

That does not stop them from calling. My aunt is in a care center.....95 years old......does not need this continual harassment.

Reply from You did find out this is NCO calling, correct? If so, help your aunt write them a cease contact letter telling them they have the wrong person. If they call again again you can talk with a consumer law attorney.

If you don't know who the collection agency is, you should try to answer the phone and find out. If you can't, ask her phone company about call screening or call blocking.

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